TASS: Workshop on Semantic Analysis at SEPLN

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TASS Dataset Research/Non Commercial License Agreement

This license is signed between the undersigned user/user group and MeaningCloud Europe (Spain), acting on behalf of the organizing committee of the TASS workshop for sentiment analysis and online reputation analysis focused on Spanish, which also includes SINAI group at University of Jaén (Spain).

1. Description of Data

The TASS Dataset is a corpus of texts (mainly tweets) in Spanish tagged for Sentiment Analysis related tasks. It is divided into several subsets created for the various tasks proposed in the different editions through the years. All the information on these datasets can be found in the TASS website at http://tass.sepln.org/

The Dataset is disclosed on a voluntary basis by the concerned persons. The Dataset contains the actual data as well as any derivative work, products or services based on all or part of the data. All data contained within the Dataset have been collected and processed in accordance with the laws applicable in Spain.

2. Copyright

The Dataset is the sole property of the Licensor and is protected by copyright. The Licensor reserves all rights to use in any way and distribute the Dataset. The Dataset shall remain the exclusive property of the Licensor. The End User acquires no ownership, rights or title of any kind with regard to the Dataset.

3. License

Subject to prior identification of the End User and signature of this License, the Dataset is freely available to the benefit of the End User. The Licensor grants to the End User the right to use the Dataset, for its own internal and non-commercial use and for the purpose of scientific research only.

The End User shall respond for any infringement of the present License by one of their subsidiaries and/or student’s. The End User may only disclose, give access, and/or transfer the rights related to the Dataset to subsidiaries and/or students, under the following conditions:

  1. a copy of the present License has already been transferred to them;
  2. the subsidiaries/students have fully read and understood all terms and the present License;
  3. the access to the Dataset is granted under the close supervision of the End User;
  4. the access to the Dataset is granted under the sole responsibility of the End User.

The Licensor grants to the End User the right to reproduce temporarily, to adapt, arrange and modify by any means the Dataset. The Licensor grants to the End User the right to rework and build upon the Dataset, or any component thereof, as necessary or desirable for research or technology development activity and create derivative products or services for the End User's own internal research and development. The End User is permitted to make a copy of the Dataset for archiving only. This License gives no right of any kind to the End User over the Dataset. The License is deemed non-exclusive and nontransferable to third parties.

4. Access and Distribution

The End User may only use the Dataset after this License has been signed by filling in the form below this license. The Dataset will be accessible using the provided URL.

The End User shall not, without prior authorization of Licensor, transfer in any way, permanently or temporarily, distribute or broadcast all or part of the Dataset to third parties.

5. Research

Research includes all type of scientific research, irrespective of the object under scrutiny, aimed at achieving a progress in science. The Dataset can be used in any kind of research.

6. Commercial use

Any commercial use of the Dataset is strictly prohibited.

Commercial use of the Dataset includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Proving the efficiency of commercial systems;
  2. Testing commercial systems;
  3. Using screenshots of subjects from the Dataset in advertisements,
  4. Selling data or making any commercial use of the Dataset,
  5. Broadcasting data from the Dataset.

Any violation of this clause will give rise to immediate legal prosecution by the Licensor.

Any damages and/or unfair enrichment or the like of the End User due to the breach of the License shall be immediately restituted to the Licensor together with the derivative works, products and services based on the Dataset.

7. Publications

The End User shall reference the Dataset, or results obtained with it, in publications. Publications include, but are not limited to Research papers, Articles, Presentations for conferences or educational purposes. Small portions of the Dataset cannot be used in any publication.

All publications that report on research that use the Dataset will acknowledge this by referring one of the following publications:

  • Villena-Román, J., Lana-Serrano, S., Martínez-Cámara, E., González-Cristobal, J.C. (2013). TASS - Workshop on Sentiment Analysis at SEPLN. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 50. http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/article/view/4657
  • Villena-Román, J., García-Morera, J., Lana-Serrano, S., González-Cristóbal, J.C. (2014). TASS 2013 - A Second Step in Reputation Analysis in Spanish. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural,52. http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/article/view/4901
  • Villena-Román, J., Martínez-Cámara, E., García-Morera, J. Jiménez-Zafra, S. (2015). TASS 2014 - The Challenge of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 54. http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/article/view/5095
  • Martínez-Cámara, E., García-Cumbreras, M.A., Villena-Román, J., García-Morera, J. (2016). TASS 2015 - The Evolution of the Spanish Opinion Mining Systems. Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural, 56. http://journal.sepln.org/sepln/ojs/ojs/index.php/pln/article/view/5284

8. Illegal or criminal use of the Dataset

Any illegal or criminal use of the Dataset by the End User is strictly prohibited.

9. Legal Disclaimer

The Dataset is granted without any warranty. Licensor shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of the Dataset. Licensor shall not be held responsible of any illegal or criminal use of the Dataset by the End User.

10. Jurisdiction

This License is subject to and interpreted in accordance with Spanish Law. Any claim arising on the basis of this License shall exclusively be submitted to the Courts of Madrid, Spain.

11. Amendments

The Licensor is allowed to amend this License at any time without prior announcement or consent to/of the End User. The End User can opt out of this License by contacting the Licensor at any time.

12. Warranties

The End User warrants that they are authorized signatory, adult and not legally forbidden to enter into this License. The End User warrants that they have read and understood all elements contained herein and that the signature apposed hereunder is the result of a fully aware decision.

By signing this License, the End User engages to strictly respect the conditions set forth herein and to respect all the laws applicable in Spain in relation to data and personality protection with regard to the data contained within the Dataset collected and processed by the Licensor:

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