Two tasks are proposed for the participants: sentiment analysis and trending topic coverage.

Groups may participate in both tasks or just in one of them.

Task 1: Sentiment Analysis

This task consists on performing an automatic sentiment analysis to determine the polarity of each message in the test corpus.

The evaluation metrics to evaluate and compare the different systems are the usual measurements of precision (1), recall (2) and F-measure (3) calculated over the full test set:

presicion (1)
recall (2)
fmeasure (3)

Task 2: Trending topic coverage

In this case, the technological challenge is to build a classifier to identify the topic of the text, and then apply the polarity analysis to get the valoration for each topic.

The evaluation metrics are the same as in Task 1.


Along with the submission of experiments, participants are encouraged to submit a paper to the workshop in order to describe their systems to the audience in a regular workshop session together with special invited speakers. Submitted papers will be reviewed by the program committee.